My Design Philosophy

As I reflect on the majority of my initial client inquiries, they could care less about how and why I build websites the way that I do. In other words, for the most part, no one cares “what is under the hood.”

Here are some of the response’s I received when I ask potential customers what they are looking for in their website:

  • It looks good
  • Ranks high during Google search
  • Want a huge stunning image on the Header
  • Want extra features or functionality without the addition coast

The design philosophy of a designer does make a huge difference for websites that will bear your name, your business logo, or your organizations banner. Clients usually trust that I will provide a website that will meet their needs, not caring of how I do it.

The following are the basic principles that are incorporated into every website:

  • Fully responsive designs: your site will render in all devices; desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone
  • Fast Loading: optimized to load into the browser quickly
  • Easy to Navigate: menu’s are easy to see and use, focusing on user experience
  • Simple: Home page will not be cluttered with distractions or duplicate information

Bottom Line: We just want the visitor to have a very wonderful experience.

Why Responsive websites?
51% mobile devices used on the internet
42% desktop computers
Mobile Marketing Statistics

Why you need a fast loading site.
If a page takes more than three seconds to load, over 40% of visitors will bounce.
Slow Website Speed

Why poor website navigation effects  visitor return.
40% of users never return to a site when their first visit is a negative experience.
Website Navigation Principles

Why keep home page clean and simple.
Uncluttered Websites Show Companies in Their Best Light.

There are a lot of other details that go into a website, but the very basics are listed here.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog.





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