Custom Build Theme

design300Most clients who decide on using the WordPress self hosted platform, usually have a theme or design layout that they prefer. Some have pre-purchased the theme, while others just have me look at a particular website to have me emulate they same look.

If need be, I can custom build a WordPress theme to suit the requirements of the client.
I understand the importance of the vision and mission of each business or organization, and will design a website that will meet those needs.

The following features will be incorporated into each custom theme for our clients:

  • Fully mobile device ready (responsive).
  • Social Media capable.
  • Beautiful designs: for 1st impressions.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Media ready: Video/photos.
  • Single Page, Landpage, or multi page.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility.
  • Lifetime support of custom theme.

Islandwebtek custom themes are safe and clean.
Unlike free themes you find on the internet, there is no spam and malicious code hidden in our custom themes.

For more info, contact islandwebtek.

Helping the medium to small business, non-profits, and organizations



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